The ten youngest Arsenal players to ever play in the Premier League

As far as young stars go, not many have had more than the Gunners. But who are the ten youngest Arsenal players to ever play in the Premier League?

Arsenal v CD Guadalajara
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9. Aaron Ramsey (17 years, 8 months, 18 days)

After signing from Cardiff, Arsene Wenger granted Aaron Ramsey his Premier League debut in 2008, as he came off the bench against Blackburn Rovers. The young Welshman instantly made a name for himself, as he grabbed an assist for Emmanuel Adebayor on his debut, sealing himself as one to watch in the English top flight.

Aaron Ramsey's career was unfortunately held back due to a lengthy injury he picked up against Stoke. However, given that it was "held back" but he was still the recipient of three FA Cup trophies, two Community Shields, the Serie A and the Scottish Cup goes to show what a character he truly was.

In 2019, Aaron Ramsey moved to Juventus and played with Cristiano Ronaldo. The Arsenal legend was sorely missed by the Arsenal fans, but it was a necessary transfer from Ramsey's perspective, since Arsenal were undergoing a tactical shift which no longer required Ramsey in the midfield.

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