Tolami Benson: Who is Bukayo Saka's girlfriend spotted at Euro 2024?

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In the world of football, the spotlight often shines brightest on the players themselves, but occasionally, someone in the stands captures just as much attention.

Tolami Benson, the 23-year-old girlfriend of Arsenal and England star Bukayo Saka, has recently become a prominent figure in her own right, thanks to her striking style and enigmatic presence.

Tolami Benson: Bukayo Saka's stylish and mysterious Nigerian girlfriend at Euro 2024

Tolami Benson
Robbie Jay Barratt - AMA/GettyImages

Benson first made waves during England's opening game of the Euro 2024 tournament against Serbia, where she was seen sporting a custom leather biker jacket by Antonia Bronze. The jacket featured Saka's original Arsenal shirt number, 87, and "LIONS" emblazoned on one sleeve, paired with a Diesel top. This outfit not only highlighted her fashion sense but also her support for Saka, quickly going viral on social media.

Fans and commentators alike were quick to dub Benson as "WAG of the Year," praising her chic and stunning look.

The return of the WAG (wives and girlfriends) phenomenon to the football scene has been gradual since its peak during the 2006 World Cup. Today, successful WAGs are those who balance relatability with an air of mystery. Benson embodies this perfectly. She works full-time in account management after graduating from Birmingham City University with a degree in public relations. Despite her public presence, Benson maintains a level of privacy about her relationship with Saka; they don’t follow each other on Instagram and rarely post photos together.

Benson’s fashion statements have repeatedly won her accolades. In previous instances, she has been celebrated for her inventive supporter style, such as layering a lace shirt underneath a black Arsenal away shirt. Her consistent style evolution keeps fans eager to see what she will wear next.

Tolami Benson, Bukayo Saka
Tolami Benson with Bukayo Saka at the Wales v England: Group B - FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 / Jean Catuffe/GettyImages

While her relationship with Saka was confirmed during the 2022 World Cup when she was seen in the family section wearing an England shirt, the couple remains very private. Benson’s social media posts rarely feature Saka, and when they do, his face is often obscured. Despite this, hints of their relationship occasionally surface, such as when Saka seemingly surprised Benson with flowers to celebrate her new role as a Senior Planning Executive at Zenith, an investment agency.

Beyond her role as a WAG, Benson is carving out her own identity. She is an avid Arsenal supporter, often posting about the team on her Instagram, where she has over 58,000 followers. Her posts offer glimpses into her jet-setting lifestyle and fashion-forward looks, establishing her as both a model and a social media influencer.

Benson’s Nigerian heritage adds another layer to her multifaceted identity. She is believed to be related to Coco Benson, a Swiss-Nigerian singer-songwriter, further connecting her to notable figures in the entertainment industry. Despite her rising fame, Benson remains focused on her career in public relations while supporting Saka both on and off the pitch.

Tolami Benson
England v IR Iran: Group B - FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 / Matthias Hangst/GettyImages

The excitement of the Euro 2024 tournament will be on the pitch of play, many will be keeping an eye on Tolami Benson, not just for her role as Bukayo Saka’s partner, but for her own merits as a style icon and a professional. With her unique blend of relatability, mystery, and undeniable charm, she is redefining what it means to be a WAG in the modern era.