Why Mikel Arteta is suspended for Arsenal's clash with Aston Villa

  • Mikel Arteta will watch the Aston Villa match from the Director's box
  • Gunners bos received third yellow card against Luton Town
  • Arteta received caution for over-celebrating Declan Rice's 97th-minute winner
Luton Town v Arsenal FC - Premier League
Luton Town v Arsenal FC - Premier League / Catherine Ivill/GettyImages

Mikel Arteta's animated celebration during Arsenal's dramatic victory over Luton Town has resulted in a touchline ban for the forthcoming clash against Aston Villa. 

The manager's exuberant reaction to Declan Rice's last-minute winner earned him his third yellow card of the season, triggering an automatic suspension from the touchline.

Arteta's fervent touchline display, a reaction that fell foul of IFAB's Law 12, drew attention to the restrictions on excessive celebrations. Though the rule primarily addresses players, its application seemingly extends to coaches as well.

Why Mikel Arteta is suspended for Arsenal's clash with Aston Villa

As per Premier League regulations, a suspended manager is prohibited from being pitchside until two hours post-match but retains access to the dressing room before, during halftime, and after the game. Direct communication with the bench is allowed, granting Arteta the ability to convey instructions from the director's box at Villa Park, ensuring continuity with assistant Carlos Cuesta.

Despite facing the ban, Arteta expressed no remorse for his actions, attributing his charged celebration to an overwhelming surge of emotion. 

In an interview with BeIN Sports, he acknowledged: "Yeah, I could not be sitting on my seat, unfortunately. So I left there, I had no spatial awareness at all. It was just pure emotion. So if that’s a yellow. Okay, it’s a yellow."

The win against Luton Town took Arsenal five points clear at the Premier League summit before Liverpool beat Sheffield United on Wednesday night. Arteta praised his team's grit and determination, lauding their unwavering commitment to securing victory despite encountering challenges throughout the match.

"Happiness, emotion, love for my players, for the way they try, how much they want to win, everything that they put in," encapsulated Arteta, reflecting the essence of his team's performance in the thrilling encounter.

Additionally, Arteta will continue his media obligations, including broadcast interviews and press conferences before and after the match. In essence, while confined to the glass box during live action, he will maintain his routine activities away from the pitchside before the game, during halftime, and after the final whistle.