Arsenal Look Feeble In 1-1 Draw Against Leicester City

No game has looked easy for Arsenal so far. Despite being undefeated, it just hasn’t looked easy and their disappointing draw at Leicester City was enough to push me over the edge. We need something to change. The squad looks disjointed, disconnected and lacking any semblance of consistency.

This team as it stands cannot compete with Chelsea, Manchester City and Liverpool

Why Ox and Wilshere didn’t start against Leicester is beyond me. Not only that, but Wilshere didn’t even get a chance as a sub.

Every game looks like the first time Sanogo has seen a pitch. Ozil still looks hungover from his World Cup title partying and nobody ever seems willing to take a shot when they’re around the box. This over-elaborate tippy-tappy passing around the box has to stop, especially when the team isn’t coalescing at all. That’s why Ox should be starting, he cuts lose and puts the ball on goal.

Alexis was the only attacking player who impressed at all against Leicester. The supporting cast looked lost. Ox’s runs were a welcome sight, but he had too little time to make anything happen.

The defense was alright, no real concerns. Per was his usual self and Chambers was overly ambitious but effective. Monreal and Debuchy remind us pretty regularly that they have great attacking tendencies without sacrificing too terribly much on defense.

Szczesny looked great. He read crosses brilliantly and made one clutch save in particular. The yellow-card was completely unwarranted, as he was tugged to the ground, but he still had a great game.

Overall, I felt this game was a complete let-down. This team as it stands cannot compete with Chelsea, Manchester City and Liverpool and I seriously fear what will happen if we finish 4th yet again. Tomorrow’s transfer deadline better be an active one for Arsene Wenger.

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