Add Hugo Rodallega To The Transfer Rumor List


Wigan’s Colombian striker, Hugo Rodallega, joins the list of potential Arsenal transfer targets today.  He’s been troubled with injuries and has been out of form this year but has been a tidy, useful player for the Latics in the past.

I’ve been impressed with Rodallega on a couple of occasions.  He’s quick, has decent movement and isn’t afraid to take pop from distance now and again, something Arsenal could still do more often for me on occasion.

I’ll bet a lot of Gunners would like a more marquee player and probably a more established striker than somebody like Rodallega but if it’s couple with either Thierry Henry’s return or say, a Lukas Podolski signing, it wouldn’t be a bad move at all, in my opinion.

As for the Henry signing/return, current Gunners Per Mertesacker and Alexandre Song have added their two cents to the possibility of Titi’s return.

There seems to be some momentum building for the Henry return and it’s moving beyond rumor to possible return seemingly with each passing moment.  Even though it wouldn’t be a permanent signing I think it’d still be a win-win situation if Titi returns.  As always, time will only tell if that’s true or even if Titi comes back at all.

Potential transfer target Hugo Rodallega shown here about to
crush Gary Neville’s head. Crush! Crush!