Lukas Podolski, Yaya Sanogo Exit Clearing Way for Arsenal Striker Transfer?


With Lukas Podolski relocating to Inter Milan and Yaya Sanogo on the brink of another loan spell, Arsenal may transfer there way into a striker shortage.

With the FA Cup starting up, that just won’t do.

If Sanogo skedaddles, that leaves the Gunners with Olivier Giroud and Danny Welbeck. Could you technically add Chuba Akpom? Yes, but I’m not going to for obvious reasons.

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Two strikers aren’t necessarily a bad stock, but it’s living life on the edge, as Wenger tends to do (see defensive transfer policies last summer). So is it possible that the exit of two strikers could be clearing the way for an incoming striker? Dare I say… Edinson Cavani?

That’s a joke, but you get my gist. If Arsene Wenger is serious about the Premier League, the Champions League, and the FA Cup, two strikers isn’t going to cut it. Knowing Wenger, though, he views Walcott, Campbell and Alexis as strikers too, despite their size and superior usefulness on the wings.

I’m not going to get my hopes up for a January striker transfer. It’s not helping that Arsenal have been without Welbeck and Giroud the past couple games. But let it serve as a warning that we can lose those two on any given day and I’m really not in the mood to see who Wenger can construe as a striker to fill in.

We need a third option. All major clubs do. I don’t even really consider Sanogo an option, so even if he stays, Podolski’s exit should be answered, but Vermaelen’s should have been as well and we know how much fun that has been.

Arsene Wenger is a tricky bugger. So while I’m not necessarily getting my hopes up for another striker, I’m not ruling it out either.

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