Isco is NOT Coming to Arsenal


Multiple sources are now re-reporting the Daily Stars‘ original report that Arsene Wenger has done the unthinkable and tossed 64 million pounds at Real Madrid to sign their attacking midfielder Isco.

I’m here to refute that rumor and prove how it will never happen.

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First of all, Mesut Ozil has just rejoined the team and Santi Cazorla is in fantastic form. We have Theo Walcott, the Ox and Alexis Sanchez on the wings. Unless Arsene Wenger plans on converting Isco to a defensive midfielder, the entire concept of the move is a laughable one.

Secondly, the price. 64 million pounds is the exact cost that Arsene Wenger dismissed he had bid on Edinson Cavani. So why would it all of a sudden be acceptable to throw at a player that we need even less than a new striker? It would be a new record signing for Arsenal in terms of price tag, and unlike Ozil and Sanchez, this one makes zero sense.

Isco is a fantastic player, no one is doubting that, but Arsene Wenger has been given a 20 million pound budget to land a defender and possibly, if he can spare the change, a defensive midfielder. 64 million pounds on a luxury is so far away from Arsene Wenger’s mantra that it’s hard to imagine how this rumor is even catching steam.

Isco had been linked to Arsenal earlier in the year, mainly due to the chemistry he had with Santi Cazorla at Malaga, but signing him now just doesn’t make sense.

If Wenger wasn’t willing to unseat Mesut Ozil with Cesc Fabregas for a much cheaper price, than there is absolutely no credibility to the concept of him unseating Ozil for Isco.

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