Paolo Dybala Set to Replace Lukas Podolski at Arsenal?


We know Arsene Wenger likes his young prodigy signings, and Paolo Dybala may be just a step above that. Currently playing for Palermo, club president Maurizio Zamparini had these kind words to say about the 21-year old Argentine striker:

“Within two years, he’s going to be better than Cristiano Ronaldo, [Lionel] Messi and [Zlatan] Ibrahimovic.”

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He may be the slightest bit biased, but multiple sources have likened him to Sergio Aguero, and that’s decent enough praise.

But the price tag on the young striker, who Zamparini is saying is the best in Serie A, is said to be around 31 million pounds, well out of the rumored Arsenal “budget.”

But another striker would be a really nice luxury to have, especially with only two legitimate options (legitimate being a little generous when referring to Welbeck), and Sanogo still bordering on a loan deal.

Dybala is more than just a prodigy, as he is absolutely rocking Italy right now. He could very easily fit right into first team action depending on the adjustment period. He has 9 goals which ties him for second in the crowded scorer’s table.

At 21-years old and with all the hype in the world, it’s easy to get excited about this potential move, but the problem is that all of this speculation is stemming from Dybala’s comments, not from proven Arsenal interest. He had high praise for the English Premier League and cited Arsenal as the team he’d want to go to most (IBT).

I don’t want to advocate on the side of a striker transfer, but it’s so tempting given the prospect here. For the time being though, this talk needs to take a back seat to bolstering Arsenal’s defense.

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