Is Arsene Wenger Losing Focus on Arsenal’s True Transfer Needs?


The media and Arsene Wenger are two of the most unreliable sources when it comes to transfer speculation. Arsene Wenger will never let his cards be seen and the media does all they can to falsely read what those cards are.

As such, media speculation is running wild around Arsenal’s transfer links. According to various sources, Edinson Cavani, Paolo Dybala and Isco are the three hottest names on their bid list.

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What do all three have in common?

We don’t need any of them.

Is this cause for concern?

That really all depends on how much faith you have in Wenger.

It was a mere couple of weeks ago that Arsene Wenger openly admitted that he would be signing a defender and a midfielder (of the defensive variety, we assume). So while it is a bit disheartening that, here it is eight days into the transfer window and we have only one departure and no arrivals, we have plenty of time, and so does Wenger. We know he won’t rush.

It brings back that sick feeling of deja vu from August, when Wenger spent transfer deadline day in Italy reffing a charity event and only managed to nab Danny Welbeck in the wee hours of the morning.

All of Arsenal’s main defensive links are still available. Winston Reid, Fabian Schar, Virgil can Dijk and so on. There is a good chance Wenger is just weighing his options, making his contacts and doing it all with the secrecy of a well trained MI6 operative.

But even if that is the most likely scenario, it won’t ease the troubled Gooner’s minds as they see days pass by and no solution being made, especially given Wenger’s January history (hearken back to 2014: Kim Kallstrom).

All we can do is have faith in the Prof.

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