Theo Walcott Deserving of New Contract with Arsenal?


This summer, Theo Walcott will find himself with just a year left on his contract. The last time he was in this situation, Arsene Wenger cut it incredibly close to get the speedy attacker tied down.

The Mirror reports that it will most likely be a five-year deal that could be completed as early as March, but that’s all speculation.

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The question is, all things considered, should Arsenal extend the speedy forward or cut-ties with his injury-proneness?

I believe the answer to the question is indisputable – sign him! Walcott has yet to reach his full potential. He has proven how clinical he can be but injuries have kept him out for extended period of times.

But it’s not just the skill set of Walcott that’ll keep him around, it’s his growing chemistry with Mesut Ozil.

“I’m relishing playing alongside him.” He told in an extended interview about his potential with the German assist-master.

The two have had very little time to play together, however, despite Ozil having signed two summers ago. Injuries have plagued the two of them until recently, but now that they’re both healthy, the sky is the limit and with Alexis Sanchez opposite Walcott, it’s an exciting time to start seeing this Arsenal attack coalesce.

Five more years of Walcott and Ozil could see a ton of trophies come to the Emirates, so a new contract is definitely in order. Walcott’s speed and run-making abilities make him the ideal partner for Mesut Ozil and he could very easily kick start Ozil’s somewhat questionable start at Arsenal.

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