Jack Wilshere Can and Will Save Arsenal’s Season


Jack Wilshere is rumored to be leaving the Gunners for Liverpool (Metro) and his departure will save Arsenal’s future.

I’m joking, that wasn’t even funny.

Jack Wilshere is probably the biggest Arsenal fan in the world. Sure, he parties hard, he’s a hookah addict, he chain smokes cigarettes, he swerves his car to make sure he hits all stray puppies and kittens and he may even be the reason for the economic collapse in the United States in 1929, but the Metro hasn’t confirmed that one yet (again with the jokes).

“Arsenal Football Club has been like a second home for me and my family since I was nine years old” – Jack Wilshere

But now, Wilshere finds himself in a position where he can inject life into a somehow-still-flimsy Arsenal club and reach the pinnacle of his career in the last two months or so that he’s on the pitch.

When Mesut Ozil returned from his most recent injury, he was a completely changed man. This Shad Forsythe that we have as the fitness coach knows what he’s doing. Ozil bulked up and has shown us his best form since coming to Arsenal, with goals and assists being tallied. His recovery workouts were intense and he showed us that he was dedicated to this team and to recovering his image.

The same was true with Olivier Giroud. The oft-spat-upon and oft-called-a-lamp-post front man has always been unfairly criticized at Arsenal, but since returning from his injury, he’s been better than ever, as his goal tallies are ranking him near the tops in the league.

So why can’t Jack Wilshere do the same thing?

He can, and he will do so even more emphatically than his two team mates before him (or three team mates, rather, as soon as the Ox returns).

Why, you ask?

Because Wilshere has something to prove. He is itching to get back onto the field after the media and self-proclaimed “Arsenal fans” begged for him to be sold after he was spotted holding the remains of a dead baby sloth. I mean, holding a hookah pipe.

Wilshere responded by posting a video of his workouts, as seen here:

Pretty cool, right? I thought so too.

But nothing will shut up his naysayers like finally reaching his goal scoring potential and becoming the hub that Arsene Wenger knew he could be.

“Experts” everywhere are saying Wilshere has failed, that his potential is wasted, that he’ll never be serious about his football. Well, not long ago, when Wilshere was a wee lad at 18 years old, he spoke this heartwarming quote:

“Arsenal Football Club has been like a second home for me and my family since I was nine years old… this is the perfect club, the perfect team-mates, the perfect fans, the perfect backroom staff and most importantly, the perfect manager.”

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So while all those haters are out there trying to bury Jack in a figurative hole where his skill used to be, the still young (he’s only 23) Englishman will continue bleeding for his club and doing everything he can to become an Arsenal legend, which he will do, starting in another month when he returns from injury.

The stage is set brilliantly. Aaron Ramsey’s injury is nothing short of tragic, but the gap he left is begging to be filled by Jack Wilshere. Go ahead, try to make the argument that Arsenal only win 33% of their games when Wilshere is on the pitch, because it’s a silly argument.

Jack Wilshere is going to shine when he returns in the best shape of his life. You wait and see.

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