Arsenal vs Everton Preview: Can It Get Any Worse?


As I write this post one day after that horrible Monaco game, I feel like there is no hope in the eyes of all the Gunner fans that read this. I have to admit that I didn’t catch the game live, but from what I saw for about half the replay (that’s all I was able to bear) Arsenal played beautifully yet they also played horribly.

Santi Cazorla was amazing!

Everyone else was terrible!

The defense might as well just sat on the bench! Yet all I have seen today is how bloggers everywhere think Arsenal can overcome that horrible game. Honestly, I don’t see Arsenal overcoming their horrible performance, especially against Everton.

Prediction: Arsenal 1-2 Everton

1) Defensive woes

For the past few weeks, every time I write one of these, I talk about how well Arsenal’s team defense has been. Wing players consistently drop back and help support the back four and Francis Coquelin, who has played the holding midfield position wonderfully.

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There are times where the defense showed some cracks, but never anything that concerned me during the course of a game. Yet after that Monaco game, I have finally realize the problem with the defense lies within the team somewhere, but not necessarily the players.

Arsenal’s defense is generally not bad because the players know how to play, but every so often the defense will give up multiple goals and look helpless. It just seems like every few games, Arsenal forget that defense is a crucial part to a winning team. It just seems like the coaches and the culture of the team does not focus on defense.

Talent can only go so far and so when Arsenal plays against a team that has good coaching and equally talented players, Arsenal’s defense look non existent. Everton is a good team with some amazing talent which is why I don’t see Arsenal putting up a good performance.

Jun 7, 2014; Landover, MD, USA; Spain midfielder Santi Cazorla (20) dribbles the ball against El Salvador at FedEx Field. Mandatory Credit: Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

2) Tension with Alexis Sanchez

Let me begin by saying I don’t think Alexis Sanchez is unhappy at Arsenal. But all this talk about his happiness around the web must be coming from somewhere. When there are so many articles on the unhappiness of a player, it must not look good in the eyes of other players who consider coming to play at Arsenal.

Yet Sanchez is a professional and he will continue to play hard and not let anything distract him from the goal at the end of the day – WINNING. He will try to drive/motivate this team, and maybe he will provide a spark this weekend, surprising pessimistic people like me.

3) Everton is really good

The main reason why I think Arsenal will lose this weekend: Everton is really good!

But the more concerning problem here is that if you look at Arsenal’s last few games in the Premier League, it hasn’t been that impressive. Arsenal has played well and there have been moments of pure attacking genius (courtesy of Ozil, Sanchez and Cazorla).

Yet there have been even more moments that increased the chances for a major heart attack. There have been a lot of issues at Arsenal this year, and most of them have been in the defense. Everton is a good team, so if you really think about it. Arsenal’s chances of winning and staying in 3rd place after this weekend aren’t all too pretty. But we could always wake up on Monday morning and see that Arsenal actually won and are still in 3rd place!

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