Is David Ospina Enough or do Arsenal Need Another Keeper?


Arsenal had a No.1 keeper switch after the turn of the New Year, despite what Arsene Wenger may claim about who his No.1 keeper still is, and as such, there is clamoring for Arsenal to sign a true, dominant keeper capable of inspiring confidence at the back.

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Wojciech Szczesny used to be that keeper, but hard times have driven him to the bench, where he’s been kept by our summer signing, David Ospina. But Ospina was signed to be merely reinforcements for the keeper spot, can he really be enough to anchor the Arsenal squad at the back?

Statistically, not only is he enough, he’s the best. David Ospina has better goal-preventing numbers than the best in the league, even better than Petr Cech from last year, whom Arsenal are being “urged to sign” by former Arsenal man Ray Parlour (via the Express):

"He’d be a terrific signing and provide so much experience. He’s got some stern competition at Chelsea. He’s played in some big, big games and a move across London would be great. Whether Chelsea would let him go, I don’t know. He’s still a young goalkeeper really and has plenty of years ahead of him. Someone like Petr Cech would be a great signing for Arsenal."

However, I’m one to disagree with Parlour. If Arsenal truly have 50 million pounds to spend this summer, than I’m not too keen on spending 40% of that chunk on a non-necessity. Take a look at the stats that may indicate that Ospina is enough for the Gunners to succeed (provided by

[table id=29 /]

As you scan see, Ospina is statistically the best keeper in the EPL at the moment. And why would we need to improve upon the best? In fact, Ospina is doing so well, that when put up against the best in world football, his prowess does not diminish. Have a look (again, provided by Squawka).

[table id=30 /]

One must admit, it’s pretty impressive.

However, David Ospina has less than half the appearances of all the other guys I compared him to, but as long as he’s performing as one of the best in the world, why is there such a clamor for him to be replaced? Wojciech Szczesny provides enough competition to keep Ospina on top of his game. He is the reigning Golden Gloves winner after all.

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David Ospina was another astute Arsene Wenger signing. After impressing at the World Cup for Colombia, Ospina came over from French side Nice and done nothing but impress. It took him many a game to even concede a goal and it’s been smooth sailing ever since.

Also keep in mind that Ospina has to deal with a new back four seemingly every time he goes out onto the pitch. Most of those other guys listed have consistent defenses that they can build a rapport with, but not Ospina. On any given day, there are six to seven players that Ospina may be commandeering. The all-telling stat is saves per goal. No one does it better that Ospina. There is no questioning a stat that so directly represents a goalies worth. While we may have seen a few possible weaknesses in Ospina’s game, such as his handling of crosses or his ability to turn balls away behind the net, these things can be learned. Either way, as of right now, the statistics don’t lie.

So to answer the question, in case I haven’t already, no, Arsenal do not need to go all out for another keeper. Maybe a young prospective keeper, but as of right now, David Ospina rivals the best in the world. You can’t do much better than the best in the world. It doesn’t matter if you’re Petr Cech or not.

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