Arsenal’s Continued Link to Marco Reus has Absolutely no Factual Backing


Marco Reus has been on the “Arsenal radar” for the past couple years, along with half of the Borussia Dortmund team. The media has a knack for seeing the similar play styles of the two clubs and drawing their own assumptions as far as Arsene Wenger’s transfer desires.

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Now that Theo Walcott’s contract spat is escalating (or de-escalating), the German midfielder is yet again the “top priority” of Arsenal, despite the fact that he just signed a new contract and committed his future to Dortmund in the midst of an awful year.

The Telegraph is one of many that are reporting the link, citing Arsene Wenger’s interest over the past couple years as the sole reason why this rumor has re-emerged. But with Reus’s injury proneness and the blatant fact that he literally just reaffirmed his love for Dortmund, the transfer is completely unlikely and would quite literally shock the world if pulled off, not to mention making Reus hated by all of Germany for his signing and instant betrayal.

The ugliness of the rumor reemerged when Theo Walcott took to twitter to point out that no contract talks were happening, and that Arsene Wenger hadn’t approached him, like the Prof claimed. Take a look:

It’s not like Walcott to take to social media a la Lukas Podolski and that’s what leads me to believe that something fishy is going on. Either he and Wenger really are at an impasse or he and Wenger are best of pals and playing an excellent joke on Gunner’s fans. Sometimes I truly believe that Wenger pulls pranks on us, but that’s a conversation for another day.

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Obviously Arsenal would look to replace Walcott, should he leave, and the rumors will be absolutely bursting forth, but the Marco Reus rumors are getting to be along the lines of Edinson Cavani – funny, ill-founded, and overstaying their welcome. I’m not saying he wouldn’t be a welcome addition at Arsenal, I’m must saying he never will be an addition at Arsenal. If he was going to jump ship, he never would have signed that extension and committed himself to his chub.

Nothing will make the rumors go away, especially as Theo Walcott’s contract talks (or lack of talks) rage on (or lack raging on), but if the only backing for this rumor is the possible exit of Theo Walcott, it’s pretty obvious that Marco Reus is not packing his bags for North London.

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