Jack Wilshere Must Start Against Reading in the FA Cup


Arsenal are in a good place right now. They keep sending the same players out no matter the opponent and pulling in the same results. The winning streak has even surprised Arsene Wenger, as he told Arsenal.com. As such, it may seem like a silly preposition to change up such a successful formula, but in this case, I think it’s okay to make an exception.

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Arsene Wenger usually rotates the squad a little bit for FA Cup games. Wojciech Szczesny will be in goal and I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see Gabriel Paulista and Danny Welbeck starting.

But the main person who needs to be starting this game is the fresh and healthy Jack Wilshere, who looked like a star playing for the Arsenal U21s (as you can see here). Granted the competition is a little lower, his confidence is surely near full capacity and a senior squad start against Reading at Wimbley would be an excellent opportunity to keep that confidence going at full strength.

Jack Wilshere played some stellar games to open the year and it looked like the 23 year old Englishman was all set to break out of the prospect stage and finally take over midfield for Arsenal. But alas, injuries did him in again and he was unable to link together a healthy season.

He’s coming back a little later than expected, but now is the perfect time for Jack Wilshere to return. Arsenal can’t do anything wrong at the moment. Everyone is enjoying their football and the success is just coming naturally. “You can see that we have a great atmosphere around, everyone wants to work for one another,” Wilshere told Arsenal.com. He’s absolutely right. No matter who Arsene Wenger sends out there, we see 100% effort and an immediate mesh into the flow of the game. 

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Jack Wilshere needs in on that. He needs to start in place of Santi Cazorla, alongside Francis Coquelin and behind Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil. Surrounding Wilshere with greatness will inspire some great confidence on top of the confidence he already has in his own skills. He’ll be able to link up with some of the most in-form players in England and that can’t be a bad thing.

Wilshere has just a handful of opportunities to really get some experience and confidence under his belt before the end of the year. Games against Chelsea and Manchester United aren’t going to do him much good without some other first team experience against lesser opponents – like Reading.

Jack Wilshere needs time. It’s the only thing that can get him to the heights he’s been projected for. The raw skill is already there and he can already do some of the most intricate parts of the game right. It’s just a matter of finding consistency.

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