Jack Wilshere Should Never Jeopardize His Style of Play Just to Avoid Injury


Jack Wilshere was cleverly referred to by the announcers in the Hull City match as “too brave.” They cited this as one of the main reasons that have caused him so much trouble in the past. Whereas most players will drive the ball until they meet a defender and then lay it off, Jack Wilshere drives the ball until he meets a defender and then drives the ball through that defender.

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It really is a rather unique style of play and it’s also one that’s earned him his reputation. Jack Wilshere doesn’t back down from anyone (not even Marouane Fellaini). He will fight for the ball no matter what he’s up against and he’ll fight to maintain the ball until he’s found a sure option to move the ball to.

The problem there becomes injuries; the same injuries that have literally derailed his career. When he drives the ball into the defense, he often meets with stern opposition, as he should. His first action against Hull City was to drive the ball, as he’s so keen to do, straight into the Hull City defense, where he was tackled on the edge of the box – not so dissimilar to the injury he incurred against Manchester United that has kept him out for so long.

In response, some are calling for Jack Wilshere to change his style of play. To let up on the intensity a little so as to avoid the crunching tackles and physical contact. Essentially, they want a new Jack Wilshere.

This is absolutely positively wrong.

To take the intensity out of Jack Wilshere is to take the teeth out of a pitbull. It’s still going to try to be effective but in the end it’s just going to look funny and not do anything. Jack Wilshere’s brutish intensity in light of his smaller stature is what makes him such a unique player. Is it advisable for a 5’8″ man to headbutt a 6’4″ afroed Belgian giant? Not in the least. But someone had to do it.

Jack Wilshere’s playstyle is built on this intensity and this intensity is only intensified by his love and passion for Arsenal. Having to compete to get his spot back, as he knows he’ll have to (via ESPNFC), will only spark his fire even more. This guy lives for competition.

Jack Wilshere looked superb against Hull City. It was a brief glimpse into the potential that’s been oozing out of him since the moment he slipped on that Arsenal kit. Rumors linking him to Manchester City are hilarious and completely unfounded. Wilshere’s time is coming and it’s not far off, especially if he keeps playing like he is.

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The key is that though – to keep playing like he is. I think Arsene Wenger will encourage it, as he’s a coach who brings out the best in his players. Jack Wilshere doesn’t tone it down. That just isn’t in his repertoire. If he wants to headbutt unibrowed behemoths, let him, it only increases the likelihood that he’ll do something superb on the pitch in the near future.

There will always be a place on this squad for Jack Wilshere, he just has to remind the boss why he’s so special in the first place. One of the reasons he is so special is because of the excessive bravery and unbridled intensity that he plays with. As long as he has those two unique attributes, he’s one of a kind.

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