Arturo Vidal to Arsenal Official?


It was just yesterday that I started exploring the possibility that Arturo Vidal would be coming to the Emirates for the incredibly cheap price of 25 million pounds. The ties he has to Arsenal make him an almost sure-fire fit. The Chilean connection with Alexis Sanchez would be enough, but he shares an agent with him as well. Arsene Wenger has a history of bringing countrymen together – or at least trying to – and it usually works out quite well.

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Just recently Arsene Wenger went on an English tear where he started collecting England national players like they were going out of style, and for the most part it worked. Seeing as how Chile is an up-and-coming national team, it surely wouldn’t hurt to load up on two of the three most important players on that squad.

The report comes from Hernan Feler and Fox Sports. If you don’t know Mr. Feler by name, you’ll know him by reputation: he’s the guy who broke the news that Alexis Sanchez would be joining Arsenal some twelve months ago. He’s decided to do the same with Arturo Vidal, as he’s claimed that the Chilean midfielder will be joining Arsenal directly following the Copa America.

I, for one, cannot wait that long for this rumor to be validated, mainly because there is one glaring fact about Hernan Feler’s report that strikes me as odd.

“The $49m move will go through after the Copa America,” Fox Sports reported. That would put Arturo Vidal’s transfer fee at around 31 million pounds, a whole six million higher than was initially reported. Arsene Wenger is not one to overspend, and spending 31 million pounds on a 28-year old that has a history of injuries and plays the same position as Francis Coquelin seems mildly suspicious to me.

I’ll invoke the ol’ “In Wenger we trust” mantra and put a little faith in him. Assuming the deal is done, which is still just an assumption, it would be the third big-money signing in the past three years. Mesut Ozil has started to come into his own and Alexis Sanchez’s successes are quite well documented. Adding Arturo Vidal would complete a trifecta of new talent that has the talent to infuse this Arsenal team with enough grit and depth to push on for the title that has eluded them for so long.

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With Aaron Ramsey, Jack Wilshere, Francis Coquelin, Mesut Ozil and Santi Cazorla all world-class players (new and old), adding Arturo Vidal makes an already premium midfield even more premium, perhaps even the best in the world. It provides for the internal competition that so many are calling for.

Let’s hope that Arsene Wenger really did waste no time (like he did in finding a striker, which he never really found), and that this deal is already done. It would be a weight off of our shoulders going into the summer months.

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