Luciano Vietto Completely Worth the Price of Admission


The concept of bringing Luciano Vietto to Arsenal continues to look better and better, especially comparing him to Paulo Dybala. However, Vietto’s club, Valencia, have indicated that in order for him to be sent away, Arsenal will have to meet the 14.5 million pound release clause. Compared to the 30 million price tag on Paulo Dybala, paying half the price for a striker that is as good if not better is quite appealing.

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“We know that a lot of big clubs are watching Luciano Vietto,” his agent, Jorge Cyterszpiler, said via the Express. “There is a lot of competition for him. I think he could leave Villarreal in the summer.”

Obviously Liverpool and a handful of other clubs are in on the young Argentine as well, including Atletico Madrid, but Arsenal always have a certain appeal for younger players because of the Arsene Wenger factor and hopefully that’ll play into the potential move.

Going further with the Paulo Dybala comparison, here’s another look at their stats on a per 90 minute basis.

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Again, the more appealing of the two strikers is Luciano Vietto, and far less are in on this young talent than on Paulo Dybala, who’s being touted by his club President like he’s the second coming of Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

Arsenal need a new striker, that much is certain. Even if Theo Walcott signs and gets played down the center, we need a young forward to start inheriting the mantle of striker. Yaya Sanogo and Chuba Akpom both are in the running, but a little outside help never hurt. Luciano Vietto’s speed and link up play would mesh incredibly well with Arsenal. He’s an excellent dribbler as well, something that Arsenal don’t exactly have a surplus in.

Vietto also put up six assists to go along with his 18 goals (via, quite the return for a 21 year old playing in the same league as Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. He actually totaled more goals than Gareth Bale. 

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Some are advocating for Arsenal to stay away for a year so as to give him more time to make a showing in La Liga and because he did just join last summer, but that’s why the timing is absolutely crucial – Arsenal have to get him now. If he gets another year of exposure, it’ll turn into another Paulo Dybala situation where the price is absolutely outrageous and only the likes of Real Madrid or Manchester United would dare to pay.

Not only that, but it’s time to get him into the English style of football and not let him get too acclimated to the Spanish style, as the two have been known to take some time to adjust to after a switch.

For a mere 14.5 million pounds, this potential signing makes all the sense in the world.

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