Jack Wilshere Well Within Rights to Mock Tottenham in Victory Parade


As the saying goes, when Jack Wilshere says something mildly inflammatory, the entire world is upset. The latest bit of Jack Wilshere debauchery came during Arsenal’s FA Cup victory parade. The young, rarely conscientious Engilshman chanted: “What do we think of Tottenham?’ before adding: ‘And what do we think of s***?” (as reported by the Daily Mail).

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Jack Wilshere is pretty much despised by every English Premier League team, he’s an Arsenal man, and he shouldn’t have to be worried about brown-nosing the competition just to be politically correct. That’s just not who he is. He’s always been rambunctious in his play style and in his life style and if you try to take that out of him, you lose a bit of who he is in the process.

What really makes this little outburst even better is that the Arsenal spokesperson that “apologized” for it, only apologized for the expletives. The bit about Tottenham and the anti-Spurs song that followed? That was all well and good.

Naturally, Jack Wilshere and his Arsenal team mates were seen at nightclubs until the wee hours of the morning, but the only player that photographers seemed to find was none other than Jack Wilshere. Why? Because it’s now one of the driving forces of the media to try to wedge themselves between Arsenal and Jack Wilshere. Every cigarette he lights up will be seen and every drink he guzzles will be noted for future reference.

But have I mentioned how perfectly alright that is?

Jack Wilshere went on to express how Arsenal can challenge for the Premier League title next year, stating: “‘The competition is ferocious and it’s going to be the same next season — it’s part of football. I remember coming away from games like United away thinking “We dominated that game” but we never really got anything for it. So I think this year was a big thing.”

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See, Jack Wilshere can say nice constructive things too.

Wilshere has a lot to prove, but he’s well on the way to proving it with how well he’s done in the closing moments of the season. It doesn’t need to be restated how spectacular Wilshere’s “goal of the season” was. The fact that it won the BBC goal of the year is no mere coincidence and it’s not a matter of Arsenal fans stuffing the ballots.

As long as Jack Wilshere is at Arsenal, he’ll continue to make headlines with his on-field play or with his off-field play. Either way, he’s a fantastic asset to this Arsenal machine and he gives quite a bit of spunk to the team as well. Keep it up, Jack!

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