What can Arsenal Expect from Danny Welbeck in 2015/16 Season?


Depending on how you judge the season, Danny Welbeck either had a really disappointing year or a rather good year. If you look at it from the perspective of a striker, the Manchester United fanboy fell flat on his face. But if you consider it from the team contributions perspective, he showed so many positives that you can overlook the lack of goals.

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Dubbed the most underrated player in the Premier League by Pain in the Arsenal back in April, Danny Welbeck has a big year ahead of him. This past year was both frustrating and enlightening for the Englishman.

While Welbeck was signed as a striker to provide competition for Olivier Giroud in the dying embers of the transfer window (or after the window shut, rather), the speedy, physical, imposing forward netted a hat trick against Galatasaray and an advancement-securing goal in the FA Cup against his alma mater, Manchester United. Those are some pretty big goals.

However, between those goals, finding the net was a rare feat. Still just 24 years of age, Danny Welbeck still has time to turn his massive supply of raw talent into a magnificent product. But even if he does not succeed in this endeavor, would he be a failure? Hardly.

Arsene Wenger signed Danny Welbeck knowing full well that he had plenty of goal-scoring options. If Welbeck turned on the jets and became a netting machine, great. If not, he still contributed in many other ways. Often preferred for his defensive contributions, you will not find many players who work harder than Danny Welbeck. For how tall he is, the English international has tremendous on-the-ball ability and speed that rivals the best.

So now to the question: What can Arsenal expect next year?


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Maybe not record-setting amounts of goals, but goals. Danny Welbeck expressed disappointment at the number of goals he scored this season, as reported by ESPNFC: “This season has been the most number of matches I have played and my performances have been a lot more consistent but the goals return has not been good at all.”

You know that they say, the first step in overcoming a problem is admitting that you have one.

Welbeck was thrown into the fray and Arsenal fans expected the world of him. That is not easy to live up to. Given a summer to train with the team and better understand the team, Danny Welbeck could turn into a potent weapon with consistent goal-scoring capabilities. We have seen him score at a national level, it seems to be only a matter of time before he can convert at a club level as well.

Mesut Ozil had a rough first season at Arsenal as well. I would say he recovered well. Who’s to say that Danny Welbeck can not do the same?

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