5 Things To Watch In EPL While Waiting For Arsenal Vs Manchester City

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Arsenal have to wait through a weekend of fixtures before they take on Manchester City but there is plenty to watch for. Here are five things.

It has been awhile since Arsenal played on Monday Night Football. Normally their match is done and the Premier League table has been adjusted by the time we wake on that dreadful first work day of the week. Not this time though. This time we get to sit through all of the fixtures on Saturday and Sunday while waiting for our lovely Arsenal to take the pitch against a Manchester City blessed with the return of Sergio Aguero.

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But that is not all bad. When Monday rolls around, we will have a clear picture of what Arsenal need to do to potentially take top spot or to hold onto their current spot. If everything goes accordingly, Arsenal will be in control of whether or not they overtake Leicester City in the table.

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However, Manchester City can also move to first in the table given the right circumstances and needless to say, that is not something we want to see happen. Arsenal has been pulling results lately but they are still battered with injuries and in need of a nice influx of epic. Alexis Sanchez would suit that purpose. He is our ‘Honorable Mention’ of things to watch for. The injury reports are going to be waiting eagerly for any update on the Chilean’s fitness and that is something that will be key to Arsenal’s match up.

Wenger has said that Alexis probably will not play but that he is indeed Alexis, and therefore if there is any way to play, he will find a way. I actually take that as a really positive sign that he will indeed play.

Whatever the case, here are five things around the league to watch for as Arsenal wait patiently for their chance to keep up their title-contention.

We’ll start with one of Arsenal’s rivals and what exactly their season is going.

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