Mathieu Flamini: NME Person Of The Year Favorite

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NME has released their candidates for Person of the Year and to give it to anyone on the list other than Arsenal’s Mathieu Flamini would be injustice.

There are lots of awards out there that footballers compete for. The Ballon d’Or, the golden boot, the golden gloves, the golden forehead – there’s a lot of them. One that they do not usually expect to be competing for is the NME Person of the Year award. However, Mathieu Flamini should be the shoe-in when you look at his competition.

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I have some monologue about justice playing on repeat in my head when I look at the list for NME’s 2015 person of the year. If Mathieu Flamini does not win the award, then it is not a serious award. It will go down the same road as the Nobel Piece Prize, giving premature awards because of a political agenda. Although less serious.

This is the full list of candidates and their cause for being nominated (via the Mirror):

Taylor Swift: For establishing herself as the most powerful pop star on the planet.
Kendrick Lamar: For making rap righteous again.
The Libertines: For the year’s most beautiful (and unlikely) comeback.
Mhairi Black: For changing the face of British politics.
Skepta: For taking grime global.
Miley Cyrus: For refusing to conform, and celebrating diversity.
Nicki Minaj: For speaking out on race, gender and sexuality.
Mathieu Flamini: For trying to save the world with his geo-energy company GF Biochemicals.
Adele: For breaking every record in music history.
Jennifer Lawrence: For being the year’s best role model.
JJ Abrams: For re-awakening The Force.
Noel Gallagher: For cutting through the crap and making us laugh.

Not to downplay any of what these people do, but here is what their ‘contributions’ should read:

Taylor Swift: For being a good singer.
Kendrick Lamar: For rapping about more than drugs, sex and murder… sometimes.
The Libertines: For reminding us that The Libertines are still cool.
Mhairi Black: For changing the face of British politics.
Skepta: For delving into a new genre of music.
Miley Cyrus: For licking things and grinding on Robin Thicke.
Nicki Minaj: For rapping really quickly and having inflatable body parts.
Mathieu Flamini: For potentially saving the damn world.
Adele: For having concert tickets cost $9,443 each at Madison Square Garden.
Jennifer Lawrence: For saving district 12.
JJ Abrams: Hard to downplay Star Wars.
Noel Gallagher: For hating America… still.

Again, far be it from me to criticize eleven people on their lifelong accomplishments from behind a computer screen, but when you really look at the impact that these people have had, who stands up to Mathieu Flamini? While being a professional footballer, he has started an energy company called GF with his graduate business partner Pasquale Granata, hired about 400 employees to work in his factory and discovered an alternative source of oil.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but hasn’t the biggest campaign of the past few decades been to discover an alternative source of oil and save the universe? After all, every time you start up your car, you kill a tree and every time you kill a tree, the atmosphere inches closer to disappearing, which moves us closer to being toast. Literally.

All those huge oil companies out there have failed in their endeavors to introduce corn and ethanol as a potential solution. But Mathieu Flamini, seemingly as a side project, has gone ahead and found a replacement – Levulinic Acid.

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The Arsenal man is doing well enough to fill in on the pitch, but that is peanuts compared to saving the world. And I swear if Miley Cyrus beats out a guy who saved the world, then what is the point of even saving it? Then again… it is just the NME Person of the Year. Maybe I should calm down.