Arsenal: 5 Keys To Beating Manchester City

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2. Help Mesut Ozil Find Room

As I have hit on a few times, City’s defensive midfielders know how to do their job. Mesut Ozil has been known to succumb to physical opponents and the Citizens are well aware of that. However, this is a new Ozil, who is quicker, smarter and wilier than that previous Ozil. That’s helpful in and of itself but he is still going to need help. This is not a game that Ozil can control all by himself.

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The best way to help our German maestro is to spread the ball across the width of the pitch. Without Alexis, that will not be as easy to do. City have some pretty solid fullbacks and Arsenal have to choose between Walcott, Campbell and the Ox. None of them have a lot of on-the-ball presence. Campbell may have the most, which is rather alarming. These wingers are going to have to step it up to help out their creative cog.

Ozil is going to impact the game one way or another. He is just that good. Aaron Ramsey can have a big part in freeing up space for his German team mate too. All he has to do is continue commanding the attention that he has been in recent games.

Finally, to the biggest key of the game.

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