Arsenal: 5 Keys To Beating Manchester City

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1. Get The Ball To Olivier Giroud

Olivier Giroud has been in excellent form recently and he is going to want to continue that spree against Manchester City. Luckily for him, while Aguero has returned to action, Vincent Kompany has not, and that leaves Olivier Giroud between two centerbacks that are shorter and thinner than he is.

That means that crosses need to be raining in on Olivier Giroud. Let him command the opposing goal box because he has the physical capabilities to do so. I am having mental flashbacks to the second leg in Monaco where Giroud was a mammoth in the box and impossible to wrangle. Against a smaller City defense, that can most certainly happen again.

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Giroud’s hat trick against Olympiakos was no fluke. Each goal depicted one of Giroud’s many positive attributes. I would bet on him putting on another strong display against Manchester City.

While Arsenal do not have the best crossers out wide, they can still more than capably fling a ball into the box every so often and watch what happens.