Arsenal: The Great Race Is On Between Theo Walcott And Hector Bellerin


Two of the fastest players in the Premier League happen to be at Arsenal and the debate is finally going to be settled. Who is faster: Theo Walcott and Hector Bellerin?

One of the most followed side stories this year has been the question of who would win a race between Hector Bellerin and Theo Walcott. For the longest time, Walcott has been the king of speed in the world of football. Just ask the FIFA 16 player ratings. Walcott is the fastest.

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Perhaps that is why it was so shocking when young Spanish right back Hector Bellerin broke the Arsenal sprint record. He conquered 40 meteres in 4.42 seconds, making people wonder if he could indeed chase down a wild horse. While that is yet to be discovered, the answer to the ‘who is faster debate’ between Walcott and Bellerin is about to be.

Bellerin has put his speed on display this year as he ripped apart Bayern Munich’s defense for Arsenal’s first goal against them at home. Have a look:

Yes, he really is that fast. He is also remembered for outrunning Ashley Young at a much tougher angle as well. Be reminded:

And yes, we all also remember that time he chased down Bafetimbi Gomis this year as well.

Hector Bellerin, in his short tenure at Arsenal, has proven time and again that there is nobody out there that can catch him. Or rather, no one out there that he cannot catch. The only person that there is still a question about is Theo Walcott, who, given the shared affinity, should not be getting chased down by Bellerin.

Walcott has plenty of accolades to his name as well, but you have to wonder if his injuries may hamper his ability to keep pace with a young sprightly Hector Bellerin.

While the race has been talked about since Bellerin broke the Arsenal sprint record, nothing has ever been set. Until now. Hector Bellerin went one joke too far…

…and awoke Theo Walcott’s competitive side…

…which leads to the race. No date has been set yet but the anticipation is brewing. We have not had this kind of rivalry since Hector and Achilles a few years ago in the Battle of Troy. Only time will tell who will emerge the Hector and who the Achilles. Of course, for ironies sake, you’d have to think that Hector would emerge as Hector and Theo as Achilles for the time he ruptured his achilles. Terrible joke.

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Anyway, if Arsenal was smart, they could make this a pay-per-view extravaganza. Raise a little bit of money for their transfer wallet.