Arsenal vs Manchester City Predicted Starters

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Mathieu Flamini and Aaron Ramsey

This too, is rather scary. While Manchester City will have the combined size and strength of Fernandinho and Yaya Toure, Arsenal will have the ever-undersized Mathieu Flamini and Aaron Ramsey, who I have nothing bad to say about. It is a rough comparison and it could cause Arsenal a good deal of fits, but there aren’t any options.

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Flamini, aside from being nominated for NME’s Person of the Year, is also filling in rather admirably. While he does not have the same size as Coquelin, he certainly has similar energy. He could cause De Bruyne problems going forward if he can make himself pesky.

Aaron Ramsey has been superb since returning to his favored role and he will be a key player against City. The Citizens have a big midfield duo that could potentially cause troubles for Mesut Ozil. Ramsey will need to be there to help the German maestro out. I have all the faith in the world that he can. The big question is if he can get back on defense with how sharp and potent this City attack figures to be.

Moving on, the wings.

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