Arsenal Vs Manchester City Predictions

By joshjdss [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons
By joshjdss [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons /

Arsenal will have to stare down Manchester City for a crucial three points to keep pace with Leicester City. Here are the staff predictions for the match up.

With Leicester City five points clear at the top, Arsenal need the full three points to stay close. That will not be easy, but by no means will it be impossible or even improbable. Here are the predictions from the Pain in the Arsenal staff.

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Josh: Arsenal 2-1 Manchester City

I do not see anyone being able to slow down Arsenal’s momentum, least of all at the Emirates. The Gunners have been disposing of everyone they have faced. While City is by far the toughest opponent they have had to face recently, that just means that the game will beat a bit tougher and the score a bit closer. Nothing more.

With Vincent Kompany out, Olivier Giroud will be dealing with two undersized centerbacks that he is more than capable of handling. And he will. Giroud will score the first goal from an Ozil cross and Ramsey will score the second on a counter attack. Naturally Arsenal will have to make us nervous and surrender a goal with plenty of time left for us to sweat it out but Cech and this defense will be able to see the match through.

Brian: Arsenal 1-1 Manchester City

Rohan: Arsenal 2-2 Manchester City

Nasra: Arsenal 2-1 Manchester City

Arsenal is flying high in the Premier League and if it weren’t for Leicester’s fairy tale of a season thus far, they would probably be leading the league. Arsenal face arguably their toughest opponent of the season on Monday, when they face Manchester City at Emirates Stadium.

Unlike seasons past, I fully expect Arsenal to come away from this game with three points in the bag. Arsenal now have the squad to match City’s, which cannot be said for teams that Arsene Wenger has fielded in the past. Given City’s unpredictability this season, I think this may be Arsenal’s best shot to get a rare win against them.