Calum Chambers Putting Arsenal Off Defensive Midfield Transfer Chase

By Anish Morarji from St Albans, England via Wikimedia Commons
By Anish Morarji from St Albans, England via Wikimedia Commons /

Arsenal are in dire need of a true defensive midfielder, but given Arsene Wenger’s history, could Calum Chambers be putting him off the transfer chase?

Everyone and their sister is pointing out that Arsenal need a defensive midfielder. Francis Coquelin filled the decade-long void but he is just one man, and since that one man got injured, Arsenal have been struggling in the middle of the pitch. We saw it against Manchester City. When Yaya Toure took over, nothing could stop him. Arsenal’s midfield was weak and too small.

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I think that it is as clear as sign a defensive midfielder and cruise to a Premier League title or live to fight it out to the last minute. With that strong, physical presence in the middle of the pitch, Arsenal will not have any weaknesses. Again, look at the match-up against City. The only weakness they showed was when Toure took over. Arsenal needs someone who can stop that.

The point that I’m making may seem wacky and crazy but it is a concern. Having watched Arsene Wenger through the past eight or so January transfer windows, one thing has always been incredibly apparent. He does not like making signings and if he can find a way to justify not making a signing, he probably won’t.

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Not long ago, Wenger pointed out that Calum Chambers and Mathieu Flamini could provide cover for Coquelin (as quoted by NBC Sports). Seeing Calum Chambers continually come on as a defensive midfielder has me wondering if that is enough to deter Wenger from signing a real, proven defensive midfielder in January.

To his credit, Chambers has looked solid. His pace and physicality seems to be improving with each performance. He was the only Arsenal man that looked remotely like slowing down Yaya Toure and I’m sure Arsene Wenger saw that. I would not be surprised if Arsene Wenger is at least somewhat considering if he can survive until Coquelin returns. This is a scary prospect.

Make no mistake about it, Calum Chambers may be improving but he cannot be relied upon. The same goes with Mathieu Flamini. He is a great deputy, but there is no sheriff in town. Calum Chambers is proving to be an adequate deputy as well. Let’s just hope that Wenger does not think two deputies can cover for a sheriff and a deputy. It just is not the same thing.

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January may be a tough month to find long-term solutions, but Wenger cannot see his problems solved by Chambers and Flamini. That is not the answer and it will make Arsenal’s title chase ten times more difficult than it has to be.