Mesut Ozil Opens Up About Time At Arsenal


Mesut Ozil is hard to read on the pitch, so comments about his time at Arsenal serve as a good indication to judge his happiness at the club.

From the moment he arrived at the club, there have been questions about whether or not Mesut Ozil was happy. He does not give away much of his emotions out on the pitch. When the game is in full flow, he rarely looks excitable or overjoyed. Aside from goal celebrations, you rarely see him smile either.

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Then, when he gets taken off, like we saw against Manchester City, he looks downright miserable. And yet throughout every interview, Ozil maintains that he is thrilled to be at Arsenal and ecstatic to be a part of this club. He has even created his own viral Twitter hashtag, #YaGunnersYa.

It still serves as a nice reminder to hear him mention how much he enjoys life here. That was a big topic in his recent interview with the Guardian. When questioning turned to why he has not signed a contract extension yet, while so many of his team mates have, Ozil restated his intentions.

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“There is no need to hurry. There are no talks at the moment but I can only say that I am very happy in London and that my decision to come here from Real Madrid was the right one. There is not a single day, apart from when I was injured, that I have not felt great at Arsenal.”

Mesut Ozil also spoke at length about how he has adjusted to life, citing numerous phsyiotherapy sessions so as to secure good sleep. After all, nothing is more important than sleep.

Hearing Ozil talk about football, you start to understand why he is so good. The German maestro just loves the game. He made mention of his injury last season and said that, while out injured, he missed the game so much that he wanted nothing more than to never have that happen again. As such, he changed up his life, from his diet to his sleep patterns.

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Things like that are what separate the elite from the good. Plenty of people out there are fantastic footballers but it is the dedication and focus that Ozil displays that makes him a special case. Arsenal is lucky to have Mesut Ozil and for the first time in a decade, there really is no worry of him moving on. Not as long as the Gunners continue pushing for major trophies.

It is safe to say that Mesut Ozil is here to stay.