Arsenal vs Chelsea: Goal Videos And Full Match Highlights

Arsenal had Chelsea put away by half time, so let’s revisit every glorious minute and give you videos for all the goals of the match.

Arsenal had not defeated Chelsea in nearly five years coming into this match at the Emirates, but having scored four goals in their last two games this week, the optimism was high. And apparently that optimism was high on the pitch as well, because the Gunner’s wasted no time in putting this game away.

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It was all red in the first half. It was clear that Wenger’s message was patience. Control the ball and let individual innovation spring the attack.

Well, we didn’t have to wait long, although the innovation was more so a mental lapse by Gary Cahill, who allowed Alexis Sanchez to pluck the ball right off his foot and cutely chip it over the Belgian octopus in goal. Have a look:

It wouldn’t stop there and we only had to wait another three minutes for the next goal. In what has to go down as another one of the top team goals in Arsenal memory, Alex Iwobi brilliantly picked out Hector Bellerin who was wide open. The young Spaniard used his space to find Walcott who had a mere tap in. Video evidence ahead:

It was too much to handle, as I went screaming down my hallway, free of all shame.

Still though, two goals is a nervy lead. One goal back on the Blues’ end and suddenly you’re on the back foot trying to see the game out. But Arsenal didn’t allow that goal back. In fact, they pinched another one in an absolutely brilliant dual-display between our two superstars, Alexis and Ozil. Watch or face the consequences:

That would be it going into the half, a conclusive 3-0 lead with an attack that looked unstoppable and a defense that looked impenetrable.

The second half was a whole lot of possession for Chelsea and a whole lot of nothing from it. It took them deep into the second half to even register a shot on target. The Gunners maintained perfect defensive shape. Against a team like Chelsea, to only have one or two mistakes is a mighty improvement.

As a bonus, enjoy this highlight of Hector Bellerin’s unbelievable speed:

This is what we’ve been wanting to see. A complete, total victory. Defensively superb, offensively unstoppable. All-around greatness.