Arsenal: Shkodran Musafi’s words must carry some weight with Alexis

Arsenal remain quiet on the Alexis Sanchez front, but Shkodran Mustafi burst through the silence to weigh in on the matter. Surely that counts for something.

The news has been slow lately. Everything has been centered on the grand muff-up that was the Arsenal 2017/18 home kit release. Between the horrific announcement and the number mishap in the team shop, that’s all anyone wants to talk about.

Other than that, everyone just wants to know what Alexis Sanchez is doing. Reports keep turning up that he’s agreed to go to Manchester City, but no one believes those reports simply because they pop up every few weeks.

There are random reports of a new contract being offered, but the same goes. What can you actually believe?

But one treasure nugget managed to sneak through the Google News search result and plant itself inside my mind. Shkodran Mustafi decided to weigh in on his team mate Alexis Sanchez and what the Chilean means to the club and to whatever club he happens to land at in the future.

Here is what he had to say to BILD:

I hope he stays. He is an extraordinary player, for me one of the best in the world. I have experienced few players who are as hungry as him. As soon as he is on the ball, everyone knows something can happen.

He went on to add that Alexis would succeed at Bayern Munich too, but nobody really asked, did they, Shkodran?

Maybe I’m just trying to find ways to convince myself of things that aren’t really there, but for some reason this little tidbit feels like it should carry some weight with Alexis. For whatever reason, I can’t help but feel that the part of Arsenal that Alexis is disenchanted with is the old guard. All the guys that have never been able to live up to expectations.

The new players – Granit Xhaka and Shkodran Mustafi, for instance – are not part of the problem that I believe Alexis has identified.

If anything, they are part of the solution that is perhaps taking a bit longer than Alexis would like. But Mustafi? He was a big time signing. He cost a lot of money and he lived up to every penny of it, with more yet to come.

Him saying this surely has to resonate with Alexis, even in the most minuscule amount. Mustafi is the kind of player that Alexis had been waiting for this club to sign.

Maybe a few more signings of that caliber and we would have nothing to worry about.