Arsenal: Why in the hell would Nabil Fekir be a priority?

Arsenal are supposedly topping their transfer list with Nabil Fekir. I love the player and what he brings, but practically speaking, what are we doing?

With Arsenal out of the FA Cup and the doldrums of Ostersunds FK all that has really ‘happened’ this weekend, I’m taking this opportunity to cover my least favorite thing in the world of football – Transfer Rumors!!! Where everyone knows something because no one can accept that nobody knows anything.

According to reports, the very top of the Arsenal transfer charts is occupied by French masterclass Nabil Fekir, who is single-handedly keeping teams other than PSG relevant. He has been ridiculously good this year.

Which is why the Gunners are tied to the Frenchman, as they have been for quite some time, in a rumored summer deal to reunite him and his former team mate who may be his former team mate again if things don’t shape up, Alexandre Lacazette.

I have unabashedly praised the idea of Fekir coming North London and in truth, I still love the idea from a fantasy standpoint because who doesn’t love an overloaded attack that can kill any defense with any number of weapons?

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However, I am forcing myself to think practically here. I am forcing my self to look at this club and really consider what signing Fekir would mean. And honestly, the only question I could come up with, a question I would ask my self, is why in the hell would we sign Fekir?

You look at this club and, barring any exits which are not coming due to new contracts, the one area that we have down pat is chance creation and, ideally chance finishing. Mesut Ozil and Henrikh Mkhitaryan are like two superheroes in the one area where Fekir excels the most – threatening the opposing goal via a central attacking midfield position.

Is Fekir going to replace either of them? Because he isn’t going to sit behind them, he’s too good for that. We have Alex Iwobi to sit behind them. And if you want to push him out wide, then why not just get a real winger and avoid running into the same problem we’ve run into this year – a lack of width.

Fekir is a master at a position that we have two masters at. And again, I love the idea of an overloaded attack, but there are other, more pressing issues that should be ‘topping our transfer list,’ if that is even a real thing.

Worry about Fekir once we have these other problems sorted out. Otherwise it’s just impractical.