Arsenal Relegation Plan Blurs Lines of Faith

Arsenal, Mikel Arteta (Photo by CATHERINE IVILL/POOL/AFP via Getty Images)
Arsenal, Mikel Arteta (Photo by CATHERINE IVILL/POOL/AFP via Getty Images) /
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Blurring the Lines of Faith

Mikel Arteta has been granted a stay of execution at Arsenal, one that ensures the wretched run of form he’s led the club on is being viewed through rose-tinted glasses.

Everyone at the club is in agreement: this isn’t even close to acceptable at a club of Arsenal’s size. With the money they spend on wages alone and with the calibre of players making up the bulk of the squad, winning four of your opening 14 Premier League matches and languishing in 15th spot is, under normal circumstances, a sackable offence.

With the humiliation of being mentioned in the same breath as relegation, Arsenal’s already tarnished reputation is at risk of being forgotten about entirely.

But there is an acceptance that it isn’t all Arteta’s fault. Whether one agrees with that or not, that’s the view of the club.

So in fortifying your walls and digging your heels in, where does including relegation clauses in player contracts fall in line with that mantra? Surely, if the Spaniard is doing ‘a great job’ and stays afloat with your full backing, your actions should echo your words of support?

Key among the tasks laid out by the leadership was to build a stronger bridge between fans and club. Greater clarity in what the strategy moving forward is, and transparency in their operations.

In insisting Arteta has your full support, only to backtrack on those sentiments with preparations for relegation, how should the fanbase be thought to perceive that move? At a point where words are all supporters have to fall back on, the corresponding actions paint an entirely different picture.