3 reasons why Arsenal should give Mika Biereth a chance

  • The academy striker should be given a chance to shine next season
Mika Biereth is returning from loan this summer
Mika Biereth is returning from loan this summer / Alex Burstow/GettyImages
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Mika Biereth is set to return from his impressive loan spell with Sturm Graz and could be facing the end of his Arsenal career. However, that won't necessarily have to be the case for the striker.

At 21 years old, Biereth is at the point where the Gunners will be either looking to sell or keep hold of him.

While a sale is probably on the mind of the club, there are three key reasons why the Danish striker should be given a chance with the first team.

1. No need to sign a striker

Edu Gaspar
Edu may not have to sign a striker this summer / Eurasia Sport Images/GettyImages

Arsenal missed out on signing Benjamin Sesko but do have some alternatives. However, this is not a foregone conclusion as reports have said the Gunners aren't overly eager to sign a striker. This could work in Biereth's favour.

If Biereth were to be given a chance, the need to sign a striker would be completely wiped off the itinerary for this summer at least. It would mean saving funds that could be put toward prioritising other positions.

Biereth can be utilised as purely a squad player for this coming season and the priority of signing a new striker could be pushed back to next summer.

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