3 reasons why Ben White is right to reject Gareth Southgate

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Ben White has been the talk of the town lately. From Arsenal's perspective, he was subject to a contract extension which was officially announced yesterday. From England's perspective, though, things haven't been so positive - Gareth Southgate essentially outed him for not wanting to play for them internationally.

Southgate should have known better than to do this. England fans are very opinionated and patriotic, which is obviously great when things are going well but not when a player is made the scapegoat. To out a player who is eligible to represent is simply inexcusable, especially when you factor in the protection he's granted the likes of Harry Maguire and Jordan Henderson.

3 reasons why Ben White is right to reject Gareth Southgate

With that being said, here are 3 reasons why Ben White was correct in his judgement to reject Gareth Southgate and the England international team...

1. Increased risk of injury

From a completely selfish perspective, it's good that Ben White is choosing not go on international duty due to the increased risk of injury which it would bring.

England have some physically-demanding games coming up this international break so when this is partnered with Arsenal's title run-in and expansive fixture schedule, it would not have been a good mix. Therefore, it's good from Arsenal's perspective that Ben White will have some time to rest and recuperate before the closing chapter of the season.

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