Arsenal forward Gabriel Jesus sends a direct warning to league-leaders Liverpool

  • Arsenal are now second in the Premier League
  • However, hope is not lost
  • Gabriel Jesus has sent out a direct warning to Liverpool

Manchester City v Arsenal FC - Premier League
Manchester City v Arsenal FC - Premier League / Robbie Jay Barratt - AMA/GettyImages

Arsenal lost their place at the top of the Premier League table this weekend but it could have been worse. They drew against Manchester City at the Etihad Stadium, meaning the pressure is now on Liverpool, who must win all of their remaining matches to win the Premier League. They, like Arsenal, have some challenging fixtures in the Premier League between now and the end of the season.

One thing which works in Arsenal's favour is their goal difference. The Gunners have a goal difference of 46, which can be said by no other team in the English top flight. Currently, Liverpool have a goal difference of 40, which is impressive in its own right but pales insignificant when compared to Arsenal's.

Arsenal forward Gabriel Jesus sends a direct warning to league-leaders Liverpool

A player who has been involved in a fair few title races is Gabriel Jesus - Both with Manchester City and Arsenal. The Brazilian started the encounter between last season's title challengers at the weekend and had an overall positive impact on the game, being Arsenal's brightest spark.

The Brazil international has sent out a direct warning to Liverpool, who currently top the Premier League table. As per Metro, Gabriel Jesus said:

“It’s the Premier League; it’s a tough league, and anything can happen, with all three teams now having just nine fixtures left, It is only two points, the difference [with Liverpool], and then we have a very good goal difference. Everything counts at the end, but there are still a lot of games. This is the most beautiful part of the season; you try everything to win titles."

So, Jesus certainly has an eye on the Premier League table. There are some players in the Arsenal who notoriously (and hilariously, in my opinion) do not watch football, but Jesus is clearly not one of them.

Jesus is excited for the remainder of the season and hopefully, this excitement will transcend to the fanbase. All is not over and in fact, the title race is only just getting started for Arsenal. It could work out in their favour that they are chasing, rather than leading.


Where do you think Arsenal will finish come the end of the season?