Arsenal Invincible questions whether Mikel Arteta is the right fit for Arsenal

  • Mikel Arteta has been Arsenal head coach since 2019
  • He has made plenty of progress during his time
  • But is this progress enough to be successful?
Tottenham Hotspur v Arsenal FC - Premier League
Tottenham Hotspur v Arsenal FC - Premier League / Clive Rose/GettyImages

Mikel Arteta has catapulted Arsenal back on the straight and narrow. His aim when he was appointed as Arsenal boss in 2019 was to make the club compete for silverware again and admittedly, he is ahead of the curve as it looks like the Gunners are serious contenders to win the Premier League next season.

However, annoyingly, Mikel Arteta has come close on two occasions. While nobody can question the immense progress the Spaniard has made, there are question marks about whether he can put the cherry on the cake by lifting the Premier League title.

The difference between Man City and Arsenal right now is mentality. Pep Guardiola's men know how to switch it on when it matters the most and unfortunately, this harmed Arsenal in two of the last seasons, despite Arteta controlling 90% of the season.

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Arsenal Invincible questions whether Mikel Arteta is the right fit for Arsenal

One former Arsenal player who knows about having an elite mentality is Jens Lehmann. The German goalkeeper was between the sticks the last time Arsenal lifted the Premier League trophy and was a key member of the famous Arsenal Invincibles.

Well, Lehmann has added fuel to the fire by questioning whether Mikel Arteta is the right manager to win the title for Arsenal. In an article published by The Telegraph, Lehmann delved deep into football philosophies and raised a spotlight into where Arsenal have gone wrong in the last two seasons.

In his own words, Lehmann said: “Arteta has done really well bringing Arsenal up but if he is the right man for Arsenal now … I am not sure. Because you need to prove it. We could have won [the league] twice. Last year they were leading and in one month [April] they lost it [three draws and one defeat]. The culmination was when [Bukayo] Saka missed the penalty against West Ham at 2-0 up and it was a draw. It was two points."

While it seems like a face-value and superficial comment to claim that if Mikel Arteta hasn't won the league, he is an unsuccessful manager, there is some truth to it. After all, progress can only get you so far without winning titles but if anyone understands this, it's Mikel himself.

Arsenal are in their best position of the post-Wenger era. They are incredibly close to lifting the title and as things stand, Arteta is the best manager at the helm.


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