David Ornstein finally addresses the Kylian Mbappe to Arsenal transfer talk

Is the Kylian Mbappe to Arsenal transfer talk genuinely worth getting excited about? Well, David Ornstein has finally had his say.

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Another year, another round of Kylian Mbappe to Arsenal transfer rumours. Ever since the young Frenchman broke out onto the scene displaying Thierry Henry-esque qualities, it was inevitable he would go through the same fate as his predecessors - That fate being constant links to Arsenal.

With every link, it becomes less and less believable. However, Mikel Arteta recently speaking about the situation did throw some fuel into the fire, understandably. With the summer transfer window a long time away, tabloids must find some way to still garner their clicks.

David Ornstein finally addresses the Kylian Mbappe to Arsenal transfer talk

A journalist Arsenal fans can often rely on, though, is David Ornstein. He is a fine example of someone who speaks only when he knows the cold, hard facts. Unfortunately for Arsenal fans, the truth that Ornstein brings to the table today may burn any remaining hope of Kylian Mbappe playing at the Emirates Stadium.

Speaking to NBC Sports, David Ornstein was asked about Kylian Mbappe joining the Premier League and he said:

“The truth is the finances don’t work for them. They would love to do it... But under these Profit and Sustainability Rules that the likes of Everton have come a cropper with, they just cannot afford to pay the salary. So it would require Kylian Mbappe to drop his salary demands, or maybe find the money from somewhere else to pay him in different means. But the reality is the full expectation is that he will sign for Real Madrid.”

I mean, it was always unlikely, anyway. Kylian Mbappe is the most exciting player in the world so when his contract is due to expire at the end of the season, many clubs were bound to be interested. It has always been written in the stars that he would sign for Real Madrid, ever since he was a youngster. This has just been confirmed by David Ornstein.

For Arsenal, they should focus on achievable transfer targets. Now the Kylian Mbappe rumours have been put to bed, it's time for Edu Gaspar and his team to come up with a realistic transfer shortlist for the summer, with many claiming they need a goalscorer to come in.

Ivan Toney is certainly a realistic transfer. Not only is he realistic, many would argue he's the best option, given his Premier League experience and eagerness to make a name for himself again.

Who do you think Arsenal will sign in the summer transfer window?