Graeme Souness bizarrely suggests Arsenal should replace one of their best players

  • Arsenal could still win the Premier League
  • They have had a particularly impressive 2024
  • However, Graeme Souness believes they should replace one of their standouts
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Arsenal are tightly locked into the title race. They have done everything in their power and now they must win their final game against Everton and hope that Man City drop points in their two remaining games.

That said, Mikel Arteta will not be distracted by external noise about him, the club or his players. As far as the former Arsenal captain is concerned, any talk about transfer exit and arrivals can be halted until after the season reaches its conclusion.

But stirring the pot is embedded within the job description of pundits and some do that more excellently than others. Love him or hate him, Graeme Souness is one of the best out there at talking his mind and he isn't afraid to make controversial calls about players, regardless of their calibre.

Graeme Souness bizarrely suggests Arsenal should replace one of their best players

The former Liverpool player has yet again got people talking as he has called out one Arsenal player who, bizarrely enough, is one of the best players at the club currently.

Speaking to talkSPORT (h/t HITC), Graeme Souness claimed that Arsenal should bring in another signing to replace Kai Havertz in his current role. This is because Souness isn't completely sold by Havertz and he believes Arsenal need a more aggressive player in this position.

In his own words, Souness said: “I think they need something else, yeah, I do, I still have reservations (about Havertz). I don’t think he’s aggressive enough.”

Personally, I don't think Souness has paid much attention to any Arsenal match in 2024. Kai Havertz has been one of the best Arsenal players and part of the reason is the exact antithesis of Souness' analogy - Havertz has been THE most aggressive forward player for Arsenal this calendar year.

His goal and assist tally speaks for itself (12 Premier League goals, 7 assists) but what sticks out the most about Havertz is how much he impacts a game. His goals have not gone under-appreciated by Arsenal as he has often produced at the most pivotal point of games,

Do Arsenal need a centre forward in the summer transfer window? Well, the jury is out in that regard. Certainly, Havertz has made that decision harder for Mikel Arteta. Either way of the fence you stand, the common ground is that a new centre forward will be signed with Havertz still in mind, NOT at his expense.


How would you rate Kai Havertz' season out of ten?