Arsene Wenger Rules Out Two Arsenal Transfer Rumors


I always say that you can’t take what Arsene Wenger tells the media seriously, but in this case, I think it’s okay to do just that.

Two of the more farcical rumors that Arsenal have been in the midst of have linked us to a new goal keeper and a new forward, the two positions that Wenger stocked up on and “covered” in the summer (depending on your opinion of Danny Welbeck).

As such, it came as a bit of a hilarious shock when Arsenal were suddenly linked to a bizarre 64 million pound transfer for Isco. Wenger told the Daily Star:

"We have plenty of creative players. We are short on the defensive side of our game not on the offensive side. We have plenty of offensive players, we just spoke about Podolski who went out on [on loan], we were just speaking about Sanogo going out because we have so many offensive players who don’t get a chance to play so we wouldn’t buy somebody else in the attack."

This statement gives rise to what we already knew – Arsene Wenger will never give any hints to who we’re after until after we’ve already signed them. Notice how the defensive links this January have been nonexistent?

Next, Wenger ruled out a move for Petr Cech, which may have been even more hilarious than Isco, all things considered. Wenger again told the Star:

"Petr Cech is at Chelsea. We have three goalkeepers who for me who are top class. At the moment there is big competition is going on and I have no doubt that we already have the quality."

While I’m not sure who that third “top class” goal keeper is (I mean, Martinez is good but let’s be realistic), it’s refreshing for Wenger to put to bed some seriously delusional rumors.

That being said, if Isco and Cech were to arrive at Arsenal tomorrow, we’d all smile and laugh at how big of a trickster Wenger really is (maybe not).

On to more important matters, where is our center back signing?!

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