Will Mesut Ozil Receive Same Treatment as Jack Wilshere after Ill-Timed Nightclub Spotting?


Reports are pouring in that Mesut Ozil was spotted at a nightclub in Berlin the night of the Arsenal vs Newcastle game. One may recall that Ozil was scratched from the game due to an illness. The Telegraph reports that the German midfielder was headed back to Germany after the game anyway to join up with his German National team.

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Arsene Wenger is no doubt going to have a word with Mesut Ozil, but first we have to find out if the reports are even true. The Telegraph also makes mention that no disciplinary action is likely to be had, despite Arsenal’s history of punishing those who break team protocol (see Wojciech Szczesny, who still has yet to regain his place).

But my question is whether Ozil will face fan backlash like Jack Wilshere did upon his nightclub appearances. If Mesut Ozil was indeed spotted at a nightclub after being “too ill,” then his appearance is far worse than Jack Wilshere being seen at a nightclub while recovering from injury. While I don’t think either one is deserving of backlash, mainly because players are allowed to have fun too, I am curious what will happen.

Jack Wilshere has been facing serious ire from fans for all sorts of reasons, most recently for paying respect to his former mentor Cesc Fabregas. But before that, the numerous smoking incidents and nightclub sightings earned him the reputation of being “immature,” and proof that he’d never amount to anything.

So is Mesut Ozil’s situation going to be met with that same sort of reaction?

Honestly, I’m a bit torn. Arsenal fans are incredibly fickle, as I’ve made mention to before. But Ozil has been in great form and I could see some fans sticking up for him solely based on his form. Whereas Jack Wilshere was injured, which apparently means ‘no fun’ time, Ozil has been a consistent member of a winning Arsenal team. As I mentioned in my article on Jack Wilshere’s tweet, Arsenal fans will lay off you as long as you perform on the field. If you can’t, whether it be injury or bad form, they will not tolerate off-field antics. 

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But on the other hand, he was deemed too ill to play, so that’s the part that may draw some criticism. Arsenal looked in need of a driving force against Newcastle, particularly in the second half, and Ozil could have filled that need. But we won, and seeing as how that really is all that matters, I don’t foresee a huge fiasco about the incident. As the Telegraph says, he’ll likely be chatted with, reminded of his responsibilities, and told to have a good break.

I’d never root for a player to get the treatment Jack Wilshere gets, and that’s not what I’m doing here. I just find it a near-travesty that Wilshere continues to be attacked by his ‘fans’ when there are plenty of other players out there doing the exact same things he does. He’s been defended by Roy Hodgson and his own team mate Olivier Giroud, yet just because he’s injured and can’t defend himself with his play, he’s treated like a scourge.

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