Arsenal’s 10 Worst Signings Ever Under Arsene Wenger

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10. Junichi Inamoto

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After departing Monaco, Arsene Wenger spent some time coaching in Japan, much to the surprise of everyone that knew Le Prof’s qualities, but Wenger did very well for himself on the island nation, learning about the game, seeing it from a different angle and picking up another language in the process.

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However, he may also have picked up a favoritism for players of Asian heritage. Unfortunately, no such signings have ever worked out for Wenger. Ryo Miyaichi is the latest of the bunch, but Junichi Inamoto was the first.

Despite selling a massive amount of shirts and becoming a cult sensation, Inamot0 never amounted to anything at the club. He made only four appearances for Arsenal, not a single one coming in the Premier League, and departed after a stellar 2002 World Cup.

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