4 best Arsenal transfers from Serie A

  • There have been some brilliant players make the move from Italy to the Gunners
11 players have moved from Serie A to Arsenal
11 players have moved from Serie A to Arsenal / Insidefoto/GettyImages
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2. Dennis Bergkamp

Dennis Bergkamp
Bergkamp spent 11 years at Arsenal / Richard Sellers/Allstar/GettyImages

Dennis Bergkamp joined Arsenal from Inter Milan ahead of Bruce Rioch's sole season as the club's manager for a £7.5m fee.

Throughout his time at the club, the Non-Flying Dutchman constantly showed his elegance and class on the pitch with his unbelievable on-the-ball ability. He is no doubt one of the most skilful players to ever appear in the Premier League.

Bergkamp won three league titles and four FA Cups while at the club. He scored 120 goals and provided 111 assists in 422 appearances for the Gunners. Among those was THAT sensational goal against Newcastle in 2002.

He retired at the club in 2006 and will always be fondly remembered by all Arsenal fans.

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